Elizabeth Cheney

Liz Cheney did her job when she was selected for the the January 6th investigation of the insurrection. Donald Trump never did his job. His job was certainly NOT to incite violence via a mob of armed insurrectionists and send them to the United States Capitol. The state of Wyoming is a state full of very independently minded people. It is not a heavily populated state. I have concluded that the state of Wyoming is populated by a lot of people that can not admit when they are wrong. Donald Trump is a menace. When Liz Cheney was selected for the January 6th committee, she responded and accepted the responsibility. THAT is what all people in positions of authority should do.
She will be fine. I respect her and her strength and her intelligence. She did her job very well indeed. I believe she is headed for bigger and better things if she wants bigger and better things.
Donald Trumps political future is in critical condition and probably terminal. He is a criminal and the JUSTICE system in the USA will determine his fate. Liz Cheney may not be interested in a bigger and better political future. She has been lambasted and insulted and she has been threatened.
I wish her a better life and happiness. Politics in the USA has turned into a sick circus because of one clown.
Donald Trump inherited money from his father. And that is just fine. Donald Trump screwed everybody he could whenever he could for many years. His behavior was in the news and newspapers constantly.
Liz Cheney is a very intelligent and strong woman. She has shown more intelligence and professionalism than I have seen in the Republican Party for years. In fact, I put her at the same level as Ronald Reagan.
just my opinion,

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