The following is a copy of an email that I sent to a Rabbi friend in Beersheva, Israel. I will NOT post his email to myself.

Hey Moishe !  A good week to you also. Trump is your # 1 always ?  I think he is a # 2.  OUR CONGRESSIONAL LEADERS PUSHED TRUMP TO ACT REGARDING RECOGNITION OF ISRAEL.  I also think  Mr. #2 would have kissed HITLERS ASS if he thought it could get him more votes. So TRUMP made the PEACE with 4 other Arab countries ?  I thought that ISRAEL made the PEACE.  Your hero, DONALD TRUMP,  will either flee the USA or he will be our first president to be put in jail. I vote for jail.  Trump does not give a rats ass about Israel.  He only cares about Donald Trump and he surrounds himself with people that kiss HIS ass.

I reviewed the newspapers for years with my greatest teacher and mentor every Sunday. Trump is a conman and a National Embarrassment.  Nothing more. 

At one point in time, I thought he had changed and perhaps could bring some positive changes to the table.  I was wrong !  A lot of good people kissed Trump’s ass to get him to do the right thing regarding Israel.  The power behind the “OFFICE” were good Jews and Christians that convinced him to do “the right thing”.

Donald Trump could not find Israel on a map if it was not marked “Israel”.  I know you are a good man and we have  very different perspectives on Donald Trump.  However,  I WOULD NOT PISS ON DONALD TRUMPS LEG IF IT WAS ON FIRE !  I assume my trip to Beersheva, Israel  is now indefinitely postponed.

I wish you and Israel AND your neighbors PEACE !

Still your friend Moishe !

Marc David

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