DOOMSDAY- (it’s about that time !)

I apologize for not posting for a while. I have been thinking. It takes me more time to think then most people.  Or maybe not. Some people don’t seem to think very much at all ! I wrote in a previous blog that our planet would not allow us to destroy our home. I also stated that I was POSITIVE that GOD would not allow us to destroy this planet. GOD may destroy this planet but I think it more likely that he would destroy us and keep the planet, replant, and try again and hope for a better crop of monkey bugs.  To those of you that have the misfortune of knowing me, it should not come as a suprise that I am admittedly confused and delusional. And that is on a GOOD DAY ! Then I thought that since I am self aware and know I am confused and delusional…..  maybe I am NOT confused and delusional.  It is clear to my delusional self that Mother Nature/GOD is starting to turn against us.This planet is heating up. There have been over 2800 heat records broken in a very short time.  Fires are burning in places that have not  burned in a long time. It appears to me that GOD has been an absentee landlord for a long time but now he is pissed off about all the damage that we did to the house and property !!!  We are turning the water into sewers and the oceans into garbage dumps.   We contaminate the air.  We hate each other. We kill each other and we kill ourselves. Sometimes we kill ourselves quickly and sometimes it takes years.  Yet, I am so delusional that I had hope for my fellow human beings and myself.. I thought that my stupid little blog might influence a few people and they in turn etc.  etc.. and maybe something good may come out of it. Delusional, yes I know…and you are right and I agree. Currently, I have a recurring subject that I can not get out of my head. I think it is the key.  If we can open the lock, all the other tumblers will fall into place.        The lock is the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.  Why ???  Why them? It is because they hate each other so much and for so long that if a true peace can be founded for them, peace can be established for anyone/everyone! I had it all planned out in my little delusionary world.  I thought of schools being built on the border where young Israelis and Paletinians alike could learn from each other and make friends.  slowly….  And under the  supervision of Jewish and Islamic teachers.

I have all but given up on this vision. I would leave paradise and travel to work on building the schools as a laborer FOR FREE!! i WOULD PUT MY WORK APRON ON BACKWARDS AND WORK a LOWLY APPRENTICE.,,  because I believe this would be the beginning of a wonderful awakening for the world.  Delusional??  Sadly…I agree.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Instead, I sense and forsee cataclysmic rapid changes to our world with terrible consequences. My greatest teacher taught me that the difference between a pessimist and an optimist is that ususally….

                                     the pessimist is better informed.










2 thoughts on “DOOMSDAY- (it’s about that time !)

  1. “Monkey bugs”! I like that. 🙂 I’ve been meaning to check in with you. How are you and Sharon?

    I lost much of my optimism a good while ago, that our species can ever redeem itself. Humans have caused such vast suffering…the insanely cruel infliction of misery and destruction seems limitless. Though sometimes I experience sweet, brief flickers of hope, these are quickly quashed by the news or even by reading comments under youtubes. Still, I do what I can.

    Here’s a poem I wrote a couple decades ago.

    red-tailed hawk silhouetted against blue sky above the freeway never has to face a tax form, job interview or line for a public restroom but man’s bullet which transforms even that master of the world to a broken knot of feathers is fired to what purpose? that no one must envy such magnificence? that no human who must degrade himself constantly with the pettiness of the life he has designed for himself with his great technological accomplishments his power that reaches further than his wisdom need quaver to compare his life to a bird’s?



    1. Can I POST your poem on my Blog. I LOVE IT! . Can I put your name and if so tell me what to put. First name only? You tell me. Lots to tell you. Thanks for the feedback. We are on the same wave length. as usual. We had friends from CA. Google NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ORION. That boat was in our bay 2 days ago and anchored by our house. It costs $ 14,000.00 USD per day per person !! Wacked Out ! Who has that kind of money ?? We did not get invited aboard. Bummer !!

      All good, best to you both, Be safe and stay healthy !



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