The Catholic Church and Child Abuse

I have  a Love/Hate relationship with the Catholic Church for many years. I know there are many good Priests and Sisters (Nuns) in the Church. To them,  I bare no malice. The aristocracy of the Church, I hold in CONTEMPT!  The Church does not have clean hands in this criminal abuse of children. I understand the logic that we are all sinners and we should not judge , lest we are judged ourselves. I understand that we are all guilty of sin in this world.  However, when we all  turn a blind eye to the abuse of our weakest and most innocent treasures, our children, there should be no forgiveness. We have allowed people to put terrible memories into the minds of our children. When I say ” our children”, I mean that all children of this world ARE ALL OUR CHILDREN !  They are the gift we give to the future. I know there are good good Priests and good Sisters of the Catholic Church. However COMPLACENCY is a facet of the same crime!  if Pope Francis will not clean Gods House, then perhaps it is time for a Reformation..again.  It may need to fall to church members and the good Priests and Nuns  of good spirit to clean  house or the Catholic Church is DOOMED. People seek religion because they seek truth. When truth can not be found, they will keep seeking. Seekers desire love and understanding. Seekers and people in general  search for a consistent truth and harmony with other beliefs. Putting faith in man will always leave a person disappointed.  I suggest that we all should seek God without an intermediary.  It is a noble quest. I also think it would be noble to drag priests that are guilty of molestation, through the streets by thrir frocking frocks !! If we do not protect our children, WHO ARE WE ?    WHAT ARE WE ??

  For me the 2 darkest days of the church were the day Joan of Arc was burned at the stake and when The Pope and the King of France attacked the Templar Knights and stole their assets and tortured their members and burned Jacques DeMolay at the stake.  I think TODAY may be the 3rd saddest day in the history of the Catholic Church.
Respectfully,  Marc David Baker, EX -PAT American living in French Polynesia
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One thought on “The Catholic Church and Child Abuse

  1. The Catholic church has been behaving badly for a very long time. Their constant abuse and cover ups are beyond embarrassing now. I was Catholic for a few years. Not anymore. I have shunned organized religion permanently now. There is a docuseries on Netflix called “The Keepers” that I have watched probably about 50 times. Its about the murder of a nun in 1969 which was covered up to keep secret a major sex ring involving priests, police, and politicians in Baltimore Maryland. If you have netflix there you should watch that. Very engaging.


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