I can not tell this story without being “Blasphemous”. So be it. I do not memorize scripture and generally I do not quote scripture. I realize the need to do so today and I will keep it to an absolute minimum. Throwing scripture in peoples faces is the fastest way to alienate  people. Most religions believe that we should inscribe our beliefs upon our hearts and not on our minds. Any truths that we discover should be reflected into our daily lives and not just lip service. That is a spiritual truth shared by most religions. It is our behavior and our actions that identify who and what we really are. Words do not define us and it is how OTHER people percieve us  that is important. How we percieve ourselves is an inacurate measuring stick. Most people have a delusional concept of themselves. And yes, I am guilty as charged.  Another commonality with religions is a shared belief system of right and wrong and good and evil. Judgement is another commonality.  Some call it Karma and some call the entire concept rediculous. Yet every society has always had a system of  Do’s and Dont’s that had and still have ramifications for unacceptable behavior.  I believe that we are all judged for our actions AND our inactions equally. for example; I am writting this blog because  I am compelled to do so. By who or by what am I compelled ? I really do not know. Sometimes I just feel like I am along for the ride. Am I delusional ? Yes….No…possibly….probably. I really do not know that answer either! But it makes me happy and I am awash with positive feedback. The fact that anyone enjoys my thought process is astounding to me.  Although I cannot find it at the moment, there is a scripture that says that Evil will hide a cup of falsehood with a ocean of truth.  Here comes a wave.

              The Devil and Websters Dictionary                          Lucifer-  1) a proud rebellious arc angel that fell from                           heaven.

                  2) the planet Venus when appearing as the                                Morning Star.                                                                            3) light bringing- providing insite and/or                                  enlightenment.

Luciferous-  1) providing insight or enlightment                  Do you know how many times Jesus is refered to as the Morning Star in the Bible? Neither do I. But  I seem to remember 13 times.

Oh yeah, Revelation 13  vs 10  – the “beast” (evil) had horns like a LAMB. Do you how many times Jesus is refered to as the Lamb in the Bible?  Neither do I but,  a hell of alot of times!    So there was a war in heaven and Lucifer and 1/3 of his loyal Angels left with him (or were booted out) of heaven. So 1/3 of all the angels follow Lucifer.  Why ?  I don’t think they had much choice. Adam and Eve did not have any choice either. Now this might push you over the edge. Matthew 3 vs  11 thru 12. John the Babtist, (cousin of Jesus) says , “I Babtise you with water but one is coming that will babtise you with FIRE, HIS WINNOWING FORK IN HAND AND WILL SEPERATE THE WHEAT FROM THE CHAFF AND BURN THE CHAFF WITH INQUENCHABLE FIRE.”  For those of you that do not know what a winnowing fork is..  It is a PITCHFORK used to seperate the wheat from the chaff) seperate the good from bad.

So we have Jesus, the Bright and Morning Star- aka Lucifer,Revelations 13 vs 10.( HORNS like a lamb)     the self sacraficing lamb (male lambs do grown horns) wearing a Scarlet/Red robe when he was sent for crucifiction.  recap….Lucifer, horns, dressed in RED robe, light bringing, ENLIGHTENMENT. Add a pitchfork and babtism by fire and what are we left with ?? Want me to draw you a picture of who we are talking about ?

I think MILTON had it right when he quoted Lucifer as saying, “It is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven”. I had a EPIPHANY this morning as I was chasing around a bee trying to shoosh the bee out the kitchen. Well, ACTUALLY 1/2 the time the bee was trying to shoosh me out of the kitchen. I don’t like to kill bees. I have pondered Miltons’ quote for years and it hit me THIS MORNING !  If a monarch never dies, then a Prince can never be a king and a princess can never be a queen. So  beehives will and do create a second queen. The new queen flys away with about 1/3 of the existing hive and starts a second  new hive. Maybe that is the nature of some creations. Maybe this is how it is done and maybe it has always been done like this. This same pattern is reflected in our own lives. A man and woman are king and queen in their own home. They have children. The children grow up  and want to be independant and fly away to make their own new home(HIVE)where they will be Kings and Queens. or a pair of Kings or a pair of Queens. Whatever !  Maybe we are the rebel angels. Maybe the Rebels are here among us ? Have you ever seen someone you did not know and you get some really wierd and really strong vibes from someone ?  I am not referring to being at a bar at 2am after 4 shots of Jack Daniels and 6- BEERS. That does not count! 2am at any bar is wierd !! This whole Blog has been leading up to this !  THEY ARE HERE AND THEY ARE AMONG US !!                                         JUST KIDDING ! HOWEVER, I AM GETTING SOME NEGATIVE RESPONSES TO MY BLOG.  I WILL BE STOPPING THIS BLOG. LET ME CHECK THE DATE………




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