Who do I envy ?

I sat down today to check the traffic on my blog at WORDPRESS.COM They must have a computer SNAFU. WORDPRESS.COM has a unsolicited “pop up” that will not let me write ANYTHING unless I answer their question, which is:

“Who Do I Envy ?”. So , here it is.

Very Strange Indeed ! Nothing like this has ever happened before. So I thought about it for a long time…. I do not envy “money and toys”. I already have more than I ever dreamed. I have a wonderful wife, a wonderful daughter and granddaughter and other family and friends. I have a new life and I am alive.

I do envy everyone in our world that is oblivious to all the pain and suffering that we inflict upon each other in our world. I envy people that are capable of seperating themselves from all the pain and suffering that we all witness in this world. I do not know how to achieve that goal. I have tried and failed and I suspect that most of us have failed that test. I respect the goal of Buddhism to achieve “Oblivion” but I do not have a road map to that address. I suppose that I only envy the men and women that have led their lives serving others in so many ways and have passed away surrounded by friends and family and loved ones with smiles on their faces and a clear conscience. I do envy the innocense of children. ( Our gifts to the future ). We all have baggage. When I catch the train , I hope and pray that I will be allowed leave my baggage behind.


4 thoughts on “Who do I envy ?

  1. Marc thank you for your post. I think that prompt comes up to merely be a prompt from WordPress to get you started. If you put together your own post, it will not be visible at publication. At least that has been my experience. Personally, I find it annoying. I will write about what I want to write about. Also, thank you for not writing in all caps. Personally, all CAPS makes it more difficult to read and it seems like shouting instead of having a conversation. The one thing that I am mostly concerned about with your site is that it is difficult to navigate to your most recent post. I go to HOME and it always takes me to the Roe vs. Wade entry. I fear that I have missed many of your posts because of that issue. I have no suggestions for correcting this issue, but I hope it is just a setting you could reset.
    Anyway, have a lovely holiday in your paradise. I hope to reconnect in the new year (or before!).


    1. LuAnne, thank you for the advice. no more all caps. I think I started doing that so I would not need to wear my glasses. Sorry I annoyed you.
      Navigating. Thank you for that info also. At the bottom/end of each post should be a choice of the next and prior Blog posts. But what the hell do I know. I will look into a reset. I am a bit of a ludite. I’m an old guy. 68 years old. Post publication. Yes ! strange also. On the television I can look at my blog posts and the posts are always changing and certainly not of my doing. I write just to get alot of things out-of- my- head !
      Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah or whatever ! You are in the USA as I recall and you are in cold country. Stay out of the ciry ! Covid is on the rise again. I wish you Peace, Joy and Happiness LuAnn and thanks for the good advice ! I live in French Polynesia on the island of Raiatea.
      I am a transplanted California guy.
      Marc docofthebay.blog

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      1. Happy holidays to you, too, Marc. I sent a happy solstice card to a friend that I knew did not celebrate Christmas as a child. She thanked me and said that she and her partner light a bonfire in their backyard for solstice, have candles for Hannukah, and decorate a small tree in their house. She said she believes in Celebrate Everything! She’s one of the happiest people I know. So I send that wish to you in French Polynesia – Célébrez tout.


  2. You just keep being you LuAnne, I wish you health and happiness and joy !
    Merci ! Merci ! ma Ami ! I have some New Zealand friends showing up with their boat on
    12/26. Nice people. They will be stoping in for a beer and then off on a sailing adventure.
    I love company but sometimes solitude can be a blessing. Have a Happy New Year LuAnne !
    your friend,
    Marc David BAKER PEACE !


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