Rep. Adam Kinzinger conservative (R-Ill.)

“I have lost faith in some of the courage of my colleagues,” he said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” in February. “I thought that every person, when they swore an oath, had some version of a red line they would never cross.” quote- Adam Kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger and Elizabeth Cheney were both censured by the Republican National Committee for participating in the Jan. 6th committee.

Representative Adam Kinzinger served our country in AFGANISTAN and IRAQ. He is currently serving his 6th term in the House of Representatives. How did the party of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. # 41 & George Bush # 43 become the party of Donald Duck and a clown car full of stooges ? Shame on them !

Even if you did not like their politics , all these Republican Presidents upheld their oaths of office. They respected our Laws, Traditions, and Honor. They also honored decorum. For the last 246 years we have not had a internal insurrection in the USA. And yes, I know…We did have a Civil War. It was a terrible chapter in our history. Both sides of the field of battle paid for our sins of slavery and complacency.

If we do not honor and protect out traditions and our values, who are we ? The Republican Party has essentially “Black Listed” R- Adam Kinzinger and R-Elizabeth Cheney for their Honesty, Integrity and Courage. There is no path for Donald Trump to make a run for the Presidency again. The only race that he is going to run is to get out of the country when he finally realizes that he may be sentenced to prison. NOONE is or should be, ABOVE THE LAW. It would be embarrassing to us as a country to have a former United States President incarcerated. Well, I think the one thing we all have in common now is that just about everybody is already embarrassed by the failed insurrection. I personally am very proud of the January 6th Commission from the Chairman on down. It must be quite a weight for all of them to carry every day and night. I am proud that we have men and women of integrity that are willing to shoulder that responsibility.

We should HONOR all of them. I honor them and I respect their dedication to our country. I thank them all for their service during this difficult time for our country and for our people.


just my opinion,


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