Will Smith, Chris Rock & Muhammad Ali

I watched the awards banquet when Will Smith became angry with Chris Rock. Chris Rock is a comedian and a great comedian.

However, some subjects should off limits. I think comedians sometimes push those limits a little to far. Chris Rock pushed the limits with a bad joke about the wife of Will Smith. Many people thought that Will Smith should have exercised restraint. I think that Will Smith did in fact exercise restraint. Maybe Chris Rock missed the movie ” ALI ” where Will Smith portrayed Muhammad Ali.” When Will Smith got up from his chair and “headed’ for Chris Rock I CRINGED ! It looked to me like Will Smith was going to knock him out ! But he controlled himself to a point but he was fuming. Chris Rock is a fantastic, witty comedian. However, some things need to be off-limits. Comedians often push it to the limit.

I assume that Chris Rock later made an apology. I assume that Will Smith and his wife accepted his apology. Will Smith and Chris Rock are two VERY talented individuals. I hope they are still friends. Chris Rock is guilty of some poor judgement. ( we have all been there) Many people criticized Will Smith for not exercising restraint. Will Smith (in my opinion) DID exercise restraint. It looked to me like Will Smith was initially going to knock Chris Rock OUT ! However, he backed off with just a slap.

Maybe Chris Rock missed the movie, “ALI” . Will Smith portrayed Muhammad Ali and his performance was INCREDIBLE !!! I remember watching the news back when the movie ” ALI ” was released and how hard Will Smith worked out and sparred so he could honor the memory of Muhammad Ali.

I hope they both have ” let it go ” and are friends again. They are both very talented in their professions.

FORGIVE AND FORGET ! I hope they are better at it than I am.


One thought on “Will Smith, Chris Rock & Muhammad Ali

  1. I do like Chris Rock and Will Smith. Both incredible actors. Chris Rock claimed he did not know that Jada had alopecia. I didn’t know either. I assumed her hair was like that for a new movie, or just because she wanted it cut like that. So, yes, his joke was in poor taste, but I believe it was an honest mistake. If he had known she had alopecia, I don’t believe he would have joked about it. Now Will Smith was laughing when the joke was said. He was honoring his wife when he went up to slap Chris, since his wife wasn’t laughing. A noble thing. But not in front of the entire academy and 50 million viewers on television across the world. And to strut back to his seat and drop a bunch of f-bombs on live TV made it even worse. What he could have done was to add alopecia awareness in his oscar acceptance speech, making it known that joking about such a thing is hurtful and unnecessary. He handled things badly. And will be remembered for that for a very long time. Its a shame for both of them.

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