THIS IS A NEVER ENDING ISSUE THAT WILL NEVER BE RESOLVED ON A NATIONAL LEVEL. I AM AMAZED THAT WE HAVE FIVE SUPREME COURT JUSTICES THAT SOMEHOW CAN JUSTIFY THE REVERSAL OF ROE v. WADE based upon their ” PERSONAL ” religious beliefs !! They want to repeal a law that has been the law of the land in THE USA FOR DECADES ! Their justification is based only on their personal religious beliefs and not respecting the ROE v. WADE decision that has been the law of our land for decades ! ROE v. WADE gave WOMEN reproductive rights over their own bodies. So is our current SUPREME COURT setting new standards ? Are the 5 religious Justices going to be setting other changes and precedents based on THEIR individual spiritual beliefs ?? That sounds like the beginning of a very slippery slope to me !

I thought that it was the job of the Supreme Court to interpret and apply the existing laws and it was the job of the Legislature to submit new laws and to submit any changes / addendums to existing laws via due process !

I know this is a emotional issue. I know this is difficult. However, 5 Supreme Court Judges wanting to change ANY LAW based only upon THEIR PERSONAL RELIGIOUS BELIEFS….. IS WRONG.


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