1……..When I found a box of expensive silk ties that I shipped to myself over 4 years ago….but wondered WHY ? I now use them as tie-downs but out of respect, I only tie them with FULL WINDSOR KNOTS !

2)…….When washing the dishes and cleaning the house and yard are now FUN !

3)……..When I no longer was irritated by STOP AND GO TRAFFIC, simply because there is no STOP AND GO TRAFFIC.

4)……..When I am in town and people I have never met, say hello to me and wave and call me by name or shake my hand.

5)……. When I feel guilty for feeling wonderful because of all of the unnecessary pain and suffering in the world.

6)……. I knew I was in paradise…………. WHEN I STOPPED SEARCHING FOR IT !

Marc David Baker @ docofthebay.blog

4 thoughts on “I KNEW I WAS IN PARADISE WHEN……

    1. Hi Sarah ! Just this morning I stumbled on my site and found out how I can view “Comments” on my Blog. Yours was from July 6th, 2021
      Now that I know where to look, there are too many to read ! I am a Luddite and the other half of my brain is in CA.
      I wish you and Wolfgang well and hope you both are happy and healthy !
      Always your friend Sarah,


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