Pope Francis just did a very brave thing. He went to an Arabic country and performed Mass for many Catholic people that live in the UAE ( United Arab Emerites ) The Pope is a brave man that values his faith more than his own life. He put up and did not shut up. He is promoting peaceful coexistence. I now respect the Pope. I believe Pope Francis has a unique opportunity to restore faith in the Church if he will speed the clean up of the church itself. I believe that Sisters/Nuns are the Spiritual wives of Jesus Christ because they dedicate their lives to helping others and live a life of SELFLESSNESS. Now there is a scandal regarding some Priests molesting Nuns !!! How Pope Frances handles this situation will determine how the non Catholic world will view the Catholic Church. I pray he moves swiftly and as fearlessly as he did by traveling to an Arabic Country and presiding over a Mass. May God Bless the United Arab Emerites and the Pope.

May the Holy Spirit guide his path and may he have the wisdom to act.


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