I had a friend that worked in the ready room at the White House for President Bush #41. He was a Major at the time.  He got me a personally signed photograph of President and Mrs. Bush. He told me of the Presidents’ dignity and respect  #41 had for all people.  I always treasured the photographs. Now I will treasure them even more. My friend, (that will remain nameless) was on a airplane ready for takeoff at National Airport on 911 when the 3rd airplane  hit the Pentagon.  The plane hit his section of the Pentagon and took out almost all of his friends and co workers. His wife actually out ranked him and she was not at the Pentagon when the plane hit. My friend could not exit the plane. Everything was shut down tight for obvious reasons. This was when our country needed leadership and again and it fell upon another Bush.  President Bush # 43. He helped us through a difficult time. After watching the CNN newscast of the Services for President #41, I find the following to be self evident.

Our country has been through dangerous times before and we face dangerous times ahead. After watching the services for President #41 it should be clear to all of us that no matter what political party we may belong, true leadership is needed as much now as ever before. I do not see the leadership we need today in the White House. I do NOT see that level of leadership from President Donald Trump.  President Trump has no respect for human dignity and therefore has no respect for himself.  He does not respect women. He calls people names and belittles them. He does not respect the press when they disagree with him.. which means he does not respect our First Amendment. He has no moral compass. He blatantly requests and expects people to lie for him to cover his breaches of protocol and ethical failures. Anyone that tells the truth and does not lie for him is branded a ENEMY.  On a comparison with President # 41 and  President # 43… President Trump more closely resembles a 13 year old silver spoon spoiled bully than a President of the United States of America. President Trump is a FAKE REPUBLICAN AND A FAKE PRESIDENT.  aka President #86

On a positive note, it is wonderful that we have a democratic system with principals and laws that protect us as individuals and “US” as a whole. Thanks to our founding fathers, we have a effective check and balance system via our 3 branches of government. There is a process happening right now and it is going to be a long drawn out DRAMA. Let me be as clear as I can be,  Donald Trump will be lucky if he is allowed to finish his term without resigning or being impeached AND removed from the office of the Presidency.  President Donald Trump is not fit to be President of these United States of America. He is not the man that many people thought he was. I can not see any scenario where he could win a re-election.

                           IT IS GOING TO BE A BUMPY RIDE!



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