When I was a kid in school we were taught the story of Thanksgiving and it was about the Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution and coming to the    NEW WORLD !!  Well , it was a NEW WORLD for the Pilgrims but it was not a New World for the people that already lived here for 2000 years or longer. But did they have residency papers ?? In school we made little Pilgrim Hats and feather head dresses out of paper. We were taught that the first Winter was incredibly difficult for the Pilgrims and without the GENEROSITY of the Native Americans, they may have starved to death.  I know that is just a story and I may be getting old but I was not there. So maybe it was JUST a story.  I think it is safe to say that after 2000 + years, the native Americans had established residency. In retrospect , if the Native Americans had to do it all over again….they probably would have let the Pilgrims starve to death. Can we blame them?  Too late now. So the Pilgrims fleeing Persecution from their own people, sail to a new land in hopes of starting a new life.

MY FELLOW AMERICANS, DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR ??? Right now we have a caravan of Men , Women and Children  that are persecuted in their own land and by their own people, (gangs and a corrupt government) that have sailed away with a hope and a prayer.( because that is all they have!) They do not have a Pot to Piss in or a Window to throw it out of !! Wow, they must be very dangerous!  So when they sail up to our border, are we going to meet them with a wall of military personel? OR, ARE WE GOING TO TRY TO FIGURE OUT SOMETHING THAT REFLECTS OUR VALUES AND OUR MORALS AND GENEROSITY. I DO NOT HAVE A SOLUTION! THERE IS SOMEBODY OUT THERE THAT IS A LOT SMARTER THAN I AM, (that should be easy to find) AND THAT PERSON IS OUT THERE. SO WHILE WE ARE ALL GIVING THANKS AND ENJOYING THE CELEBRATION OF THE HOLIDAY, WE SHOULD GIVE THANKS THAT WE ARE NOT STARVING TO DEATH AND NOT LIVING IN A COUNTRY THAT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT US.   GOD BLESS AMERICA ! and for full disclosure, I moved out of the United States and that is what I will give thanks for this Thursday. So…

            HAPPY THANKSGIVING !        Marc D. BAKER @ 


One thought on “THANKSGIVING

  1. What an eloquent and forceful and articulate beauty of an essay. Fantastic. Much appreciated. I’m going to read it aloud at Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with my adopted Mexican family in San Diego, many of whom will be crossing our southern border to attend, including my husband!! Thank you Marc!!
    Geoff Hemwall


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