I am usually not a ” I told you so” kinda guy.  However  my blog post on school shootings posted on 2/28/2018 is still there.  I made some simple productive suggestions on how to implement security measures at a mininum cost. TEXAS of all states should have had at least one armed qualified volunteer and/or one paid security person in place.  Everybody has 20/20 hind site and everybody is a great Monday morning Quarterback. Unfortunately for all those dead kids and the other victims and their families and their churches and having to explain it to all the younger brothers and sisters and having a entire city and State mourning and just trying to get through every day.  How do we make sense of this ? WE DON’T !                  Read the posted blog. Cut through the red tape. I guarantee you there are enough retired cops and retired military personel that would volunteer to help with Security at schools. We have a lot of unemployed and disabled Veterans that would volunteer. How about giving some disabled, screened Veterans the oportunity to serve again with dignity and pay them a fair wage ? Just the presence of security personnel would be a big step.  I think that would be a big deterrent. There is always a battle between personal rights and authority.  I keep coming back to the question…..  How did everybody miss this kid?  Maybe people knew he was a potential problem but that is not something you can act on. Schools, teachers and students are in a tough spot now more than ever.

Maybe just  maybe some or all of those kids and victims could have been saved.  Now it is happening more and more and will continue.  There must have been signs that were not acted upon with this shooter.

I really do not want to write a third Blog Post on this subject and I pray that I don’t.  Our kids will feel safer with visible security then they will without it. This problem cannot be wished away into the cornfield and closing the barn door after the horses have run off just don’t work !!  Blaming this problem on guns does not float either and it never will.  This kid needed help and I guess everybody missed it. It’s not easy to read everybodys mind. It is a tough world out there and kids are under alot of stress.  Schools should have access to medical personal that can help troubled youth  before this happens again. We have to get out ahead of this thing  and be pro-active. It is a tall order.










  1. I do wish they would put armed personnel in schools, but they never do. That Texas kid copycatted the florida kid’s shooting too. Did it almost the exact same way, pulling the fire alarms first, waiting for people to come running out of their rooms…so sad


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