Even when I was in Sunday school as a kid, I was conflicted about some of the stories in the Bible. My Sunday school teacher had some frustrations with me  AND my questions.  It started with Genesis and the creation of the the world and the heavens and the stars and everything else.  So , in the beginning, God created “everything” in 6 days and then needed 1 day off to rest. It is a cute little parable that sums up the whole creation into a neat and tidy package that is easy to understand. IN GENESIS 1:14 it clearly states that the Sun and the Moon were not created until the 4th day. So I asked my teacher how long were the first 3 days if there was NO SUN ?  My point is that Genesis is a simple parable written for people of that time in a manner they could understand.  GOD has no limitations or constrictions. GOD is a cosmic farmer and we are one of his crops. If the crop fails, you till it under and plant again next year and hope for better results and maybe better seeds.  There is no contradiction between the “theory” of evolution and the “story” of creation.  They are exactly the same .  EVOLUTION IS GODS’ METHOD OF  CREATION.  IS THE STORY OF CREATION DEPENDANT UPON AN IMAGE OF GOD AS A MAN IN A TUXEDO WITH TAILS AND A TOP HAT AND MAGIC WAND ???  SO GOD WAVES HIS MAGIC WAND OVER THE TABLE AND PULLS OFF THE SHEET AND YELLS HOCUS POCUS ?   THEN… THE EARTH AND EVERYTHING IN IT APPEARS FLOATING AND SUSPENDED IN SPACE ? HOW CAN WE POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND THE METHODS OF THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE?  HOW MANY TIMES DID HE NEED TO PLOW THE CROP UNDER AND START AGAIN?  WHO KNOWS ?  COULD IT HAPPEN AGAIN? EVOLUTION EVIDENCE  SAYS YES.. IT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN!  MAYBE… IF THE CROP FAILS… IF WE FAIL!    

NEXT BLOG… ADAM AND EVE- THE FIRST MAN AND WOMAN. ( so who did their children marry?)




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