Do you ever feel alone even when you are surrounded by people? Do you ever get bored with the same old conversations about the same old subjects? I do. Do you ever wonder if we are alone in the universe?   Do you believe in intelligent life on other planets? For years my automatic response to that question has been  “ I do not believe there is intelligent life on THIS planet ! “ The accurate perspective regarding our intelect is: “all of us are dumb but some of us are just dumber than others”. Humans being intelligent is a egotistical delusion. We are a dominating life form.  Dominance is not the same as intelligence.   If there is intelligent life out there, why don’t they contact us ? Following are a few of the possible answers to that question.

#1-   Perhaps we are not  that interesting .

#2-  Perhaps we don’t taste very good.

#3- Perhaps we are a failed laboratory experiment and “they”  went home..

If you were a member of a exclusive interplanetary “club”, would YOU want our planet as a member?  Perhaps we are not being contacted because we are under QUARANTINE ! We may be quarantined because we are percieved to be a bunch of suicidal monkey bugs on a course to kill off ourselves and perhaps all life on our planet.  It would be delusional to believe we are any threat to the universe. However we are obviously a danger to ourselves and any other life form or species we encounter. We have proof !! It is called OUR history ! Why would any INTELLIGENT life form desire to contact us ?

IS THERE ANY HOPE FOR US ?     doubtful… but….. maybe!

The universe changes. The world changes and we change. Everything is in a state of flux.

We are currently so fluxed up we do not know where to start or what to do first ! People starve on a planet with incredible resources. We humans are like a cancer that is mindlessly consuming the earths resources the same way that cancer cells consume a human body. We poison our planet and ourselves. If we do not know how to treat each other, so who would assume we would treat any external life form any better?   Mans inhumanity to man is well documented. It is OUR history. The United Nations estimates that 30 million people RIGHT NOW on our planet are SLAVES!!!  There is forced labor slavery and sexual slavery. Slavery dates back before the pyramids ! It is STILL happening ! We are probably perceived to be  irrational, ruthless and evil. We have figured out how to blow up our planet but we are incapable of creating a common peace.  We have the scientific knowledge to resolve most of our problems yet we lack the wisdom and the fortitude to implement the solutions.  So, like me, we stumble along through our own little lives and do our best to just tune out all the negativity  and work and HOPE to find some peace and happiness.

So where do we start ? We start with ourselves. This blog is MY start.  I am changing from being a pessimist, to being an optimist. My original plan one year ago was to retire to this little island in the South Pacific and live in peace and comfort, get old and curl up and die happy.  However, I have changed. I have attained PEACE and COMFORT NOW. BUT I HAVE A NEW PROBLEM ! I feel GUILTY having what I have! When I close my eyes to sleep or meditate, I SEE SICK AND STARVING CHILDREN AND WOMEN AND MEN IN SLAVERY ! This headspace was NOT part of my retirement plan! But I have changed and I am changing still. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, I have HOPE for our human race and for our planet.

This BLOG is my MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE.  I now want to be a part of something bigger than myself with people better than myself. I do not have any delusional master plan. I don’t think we need one. I believe there is already a Master plan. I see a  future where people, religions and ideologies can concentrate on our common good and not on our  differences. We do NOT need to change each other. However, change is our only HOPE. We all have room to grow. I know that only positive energy will solve our problems. Failure does not paint a pretty picture for us or our children.  So I am throwing this bottle with this message into the bay.   I am casting my bread upon the water.  I lost HOPE for a better world…years ago. I have had time to think here in paradise.  I have HOPE again for our world. I wish everyone could feel as HOPEFUL as I do. I would love to hear from you ! Please share my BLOG with others and I will owe you a favor! Maybe someday I will have the pleasure of meeting you ! I will be posting OFTEN and Iwill be happy to communicate with anyone and everyone ! The future is ours. Carpe Diem !!   my e-mail is :     dockbaker1@gmail.com

Thank you,

I am sending you good thoughts and wishing you peace, health and happiness,

Marc D. Baker


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